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I can see that many people are visiting my blog.
From the U.S., Australia, Korea, India, Germany, Japan and Russia...etc. It's such a pleasure!
The content below gives some information about me (with links to related posts).
If you are visiting my blog for the first time, that's good. (Cause you must be super sensible to read this "tips" page first.)

1. About Gaeun Diary and me
Gaeun Diary.
My name is Kim Ga Eun. Kim is my family name.
How do you pronounce 'Gaeun' then?
You should read it like Ga-eun (two syllables). 'Ga' should be read like the ga in 'garden', and 'eun' should be something like the en in 'sudden.'

Well, to introduce myself, I am a 16-year-old girl living in South Korea.
I have homeschooled when I was 12. Read this post 'Opening another door'.
Making stop motion videos is my favorite hobby! (I'm not finding the time to make them anymore now, sadly.) Read this post 'Bring things into Life'.
I also like coding. Read this post 'Creating an App' and its "sequel" Read this post 'My first app: WordEgg'
Now I've recently started making stuff with Arduino. Read this post 'Arduino - first project and troubleshooting'
I have never lived abroad although I have visited the Philippines, England, Shanghai, and Taiwan. Read this post 'The special island to me'. <<That's Taiwan!

2. Comments make me happy
You know what? Comments make me very happy! :-)
If you have something to say about my posts, please write some comments. They are gonna be a great help in making my blog a better writing place.
Clicking on reactions (I think this post is......) at the bottom of each post would also be awesome!

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Thanks for reading.
I will add more tips later when I come up with one!